In Memory of Good Friends at Lake Geneva

Photographed September 13, 2014
Erected by Mrs. Reinette M. McCrea (circa 1916)
Lake Geneva, Walworth County, Wisconsin

The statue is located at Flat Iron Park at the V-intersection of northbound Wrigley Drive / Wisconsin Highway 50 and southbound Center Street, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin 53147.
The statue is known by three different names: "The Three Sisters", "The Good Friends", and "The Three Graces". $5,000* was willed to the City of Lake Geneva by Mrs. Reinette M. McCrea, a charter member of the Lake Geneva Garden Club. The base of the monument was originally intended as a fountain "so man and beast could have a cool drink." On the day of my visit, the fountain was not in operation.

*According to The Inflation Calculator, what cost $5,000 in 1916 would cost $105,471.69 in 2013.

In Memory
of Good Friends
at Lake Geneva
Reinette M. McCrea

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