DeKoven Foundation for Church Work

© Photographed September 4, 2014
Erected 1965 by Racine Chapter DAR
Racine, Racine County, Wisconsin
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Site of historic Racine College (1852-1933), one of the earliest institutions of higher learning in Wisconsin.

Racine College was incorpotated by the Episcopal Diocese of Wisconsin in 1852, with the Reverend Roswell Park as first president.

DeKoven Foundation is now operated by the Episcopal Sisterhood of St. Mary and memorializes the name of the Reverend James DeKoven, rector and warden of Racine College from 1856 till his death in 1879.

In the City of Racine, St. Luke's Hospital, Taylor Home for Children, and The Episcopal Churches -- Immanuel, St. Stephen's, and Holy Innocents, owe their origin to Racine College.

Among the alumni of the college are Brigadier General "Billy" Mitchell, General Mark Clark, and A.J. Horlick, a former mayor of Racine.

Dr. Park and Dr. DeKoven are buried near St. John's chapel on these grounds.
Presented by the Racine Chapter
Daughters of the American Revolution
Dedicated May 18, 1965

The marker is inside the west entrance to Taylor Hall, located on the campus of The DeKoven Center at
Click here to view all markers located at The DeKoven Center.

The marker is on the wall, just inside this west entrance to Taylor Hall.

The west side of Taylor Hall.

These markers (above and below) are also on the wall at this location.

Taylor Hall is visible to the far right, in the back.

View of Lake Michigan, across from the entrance to The DeKoven Center.

Taylor Hall is located at The DeKoven Center in Racine, Wisconsin.

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