Andy Gump

© Photographed September 13, 2014
Erected by Robert J. Swyman and the Chicago Tribune
Lake Geneva, Walworth County, Wisconsin
Gangling, laughable hero of the first daily comic strip
Erected in Memory of his Creator
1877     SIDNEY SMITH     1935
This statue of "Andy Gump", celebrated cartoon character introduced in 1917 as the first daily comic strip in the Chicago Tribune was first erected in 1924 on the Lake Geneva estate of his originator, Sidney Smith, beloved cartoonist and resident of Lake Geneva from 1922 until his untimely death in 1935. The gift of Robert J. Swyman and the Chicago Tribune, this representation of the irrepressible Gump who for so long has brightened the daily lives of millions throughout the world is here erected as a memorial to the Lake Geneva resident who was his creator.
Andy Gump is located at Flatiron Park on westbound Wrigley Drive, west of its V-intersection with  Center Street, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin 53147.

Screenshot of vintage postcard provided by
"Andy Gump" on top of the world, grounds of Mr. Sidney Smith, Lake Geneva, Wis.

Andy Gump is located in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

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