The Thorp Cabin

© Photographed July 21, 2014 and May 29, 2015
Erected 2008 by Door County Historical Society
Fish Creek, Door County, Wisconsin

The Thorp family was very influential in the early growth of Door County. Asa  Thorp, a New York cooper by trade, permanently settled in Fish Creek in the mid [sic] 1850s. Asa established an early pier, a warehouse, and a sawmill to supply residents and ship captains with supplies and cordwood. Later Asa and his wife Eliza ran a small boardinghouse and hotel for workmen and travelers. Known as the "Founder of Fish Creek," Asa built this log cabin home in 1849. His log barn is located east of this cabin in Founder's Square and now serves as a gift shop.
The Thorp cabin and marker are located at Founder's Square, at the intersection of southbound Egg Harbor Road / Wisconsin Highway 42, and eastbound Main Street, Fish Creek, Wisconsin 54212.

NOTE: Founder's Square is a collection of shops and restaurants that is wildly popular with tourists to Door County. Parking can be very difficult, especially on a summer weekend. The cabin and marker are located at the center of Founder's Square, behind / amongst all the other buildings. Detailed instructions and photos follow on how to locate the cabin and marker once you've arrived at Founder's Square.

From History of Door County, Wisconsin / The County Beautiful (1917)
By: Hjalmar R. Holand, M.A. (my great uncle, who emigrated from Norway in his teens!)

The marker is located to the left of the entrance.

Such a sweet cabin!

This section of the Door County Coastal Byway: Town of Gibralter sign
briefly tells the story of Asa Thorp:

It Began with Asa Thorp
Asa Thorp, one of the first settlers in Door County, was drawn to Fish Creek in 1855 to create a town. He and his hired men built a pier and cut cordwood to fuel steamships on Green Bay. Soon, ships loaded with settlers and tourists began to arrive. The Thorp Hotel, the second oldest tourist hotel in Wisconsin, started from Asa renting rooms in his family home.
 Revisited May 29, 2015
Shocked and saddened to find that a local business has used this historic log cabin as a bulletin board for its obnoxious marketing poster. Shameful and disrespectful!

 Asa Thorp's barn -- now Sunshine & Company
I could have spent all day and oodles of money at this fabulous store!

 From Asa Thorp's barn, look to the far right in this photo and see
the blue sign -- that's Robin Jay Music and Gifts. Head down that way . . .

Now see the pathway to the right of Robin Jay? Follow that pathway to
the center of Founder's Square. The cabin will be to your left.

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