How to submit your photos to Wisconsin Historical Markers

Thank you so much for your help in collecting photos for the Wisconsin Historical Markers website.

It's easy to submit your photos. Just send them in an e-mail to:
along with the name of the marker and the county of the marker. If you'd like credit for the photos, provide your name and city/county (or whatever is comfortable for you).

Here are some photography guidelines:

For historical markers:
- one up-close photograph of the marker,
- one photograph of the marker (and whatever it's mounted on) a little further back, and
- one much further back (so people can see what’s around the marker to help them locate it), so about 3-5 photos.

For veterans memorials:
photograph the whole memorial, then each section. This is sometimes quite a challenge because most of the new memorials are made of marble and reflect everything in them, so you have to stand in such a way you’re not reflected in the marble in the photo. Unfortunately, if the sun’s behind the marble, it’s nearly impossible to get a good photograph.

If you'd like to contribute regularly to the Wisconsin Historical Markers website, there's more information here: Join the Journey

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