Awesome Gresham, Wisconsin

Gresham, Shawano County, Wisconsin

I came through Gresham on the From the Pineries to the Present road trip and was captivated by all the colorful artwork, murals and displays! I don't usually do this because the focus of this website is Wisconsin's historical markers, but because of the nature of the From the Pineries to the Present tour, I gave Gresham its own link. Along Main Street / County Highway G are a couple of quaint caf├ęs, an ice cream shoppe, and a bursting-at-the-seams "Trading Post".

Gresham's the perfect place for a road-weary traveller to pause for a coffee / soda, snack, or meal.

Welcome to the Gresham Area

History of Gresham, Wisconsin

Gresham is Stop No. 15 (O) on the From the Pineries to the Present Tour No. 1.

The historic Gresham Depot Museum.

Mural depicting Gresham's logging history.

Check out the little free library! Such a sweet place to sit a spell!

This is a great little town!

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