Wandering about Wabeno (Forest County)

It was because of my first visit to Wabeno in March of 2013 that I learned about the terrible mishap experienced by Larry the Logroller -- a Wabeno icon for decades who was felled himself during the cutting down of a nearby tree. Larry was split in half and decapitated -- it was ugly . . .

But now he's back, in full form and glory! I finally got the opportunity to return to Wabeno to see him. I must say, he is quite impressive!

You can learn all about Larry's history, accident, repair, and majestic return here:

I also took the opportunity to finally get inside the Wabeno Logging Museum (which was closed for the season in March 2013). The museum has its own interesting history, and is full of artifacts, documents, photographs, and more, mostly related to the history of Wabeno's logging days. You can check out the museum here: Wabeno Logging Museum.

Wabeno has quite a few historic buildings along its main drag, Wisconsin Highway 32. You can check all of them out here: Historic Wabeno

Finally, a real Wisconsin gem -- an historic home from 1903, turned art gallery and bistro. This place is a must visit. Check it out here: Big Easel Gallery and Bistro

Another "Half-Way to the North Pole" marker was located in Marinette County:

Several veterans memorials were located during this trip. They can be viewed here:

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