June 30, 2014: An Outagamie Outing

The big news is that Outagamie County has a brand spanking new marker, placed by Lawrence University and the Wisconsin Historical Society. Dedicated June 19, 2014, Marker 551 memorializes The Merging of Milwaukee-Downer and Lawrence Colleges.

Congratulations to Lawrence University on their new historical marker!

In addition to Marker 551, I set out today in search of several Wisconsin's Maritime Trails markers. I was thwarted by construction and unable to reach one marker, but was successful with three others -- two of which required engaging skills of logic and deduction and felt more like a scavenger hunt than a marker trip!

Not complaining! I enjoy an arduous challenge!

On the flip side, the locks are very cool to visit, and I was especially happy to come upon the Little Chute Lock Tenders house, currently being renovated by Fox-Wisconsin Heritage Parkway (a cause to which I have donated).

The Maritime Trails markers are here:

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