Voluntarios Internacionales de la Libertad

 © Photographed April 11, 2014
Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin
 43° 4.806′ N, 89° 23.074′ W

This memorial is dedicated to the 45,000 international volunteers who fought in the Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939. Among them were 2,800 United States veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade, many of whom came from Wisconsin. Their memorable struggle against the spread of fascism can be counted as a uniquely historic moment in the fight for peace and democracy.

"You are history. You are legend. You are the heroic example of democracy's solidarity and universality.
Dolores Ibarruri (La Pasionaria) Deputy to the Spanish Parliament

¡Viva La Brigada Lincoln!

1936 * 1939
Known list of Wisconsin Volunteers
David Robert Altman ° Hans Amile ° John Clarence Blair ° Vern Bown ° Mike Bubich ° Emil Churchich ° Ben Cimnitz ° Dr. Louis Cohen ° John Wilhelm Cookson* ° Robert Defaut ° Samuel DiLuca ° Raymond Henry Disch ° Dr. Samuel Franklin ° Zalmond D. Franklin ° Peter Nicholas Hampkins** ° Clarence Schwid Kailin ° Clyde Charles Lenway* ° Harry Edward Lichter ° James Miller ° Edward A. Mitchell ° Marvin Nelson* ° Fred Aaron Palmer ° Albin Ragner ° Anthony Henry Rautbort ° John Harold Raybor ° John Rody ° John Sabot ° Walter J Schuetrum ° Carl Theodore Slater ° Walter Sorenson ° Frederick Stix** ° Donald A. Thayer ° Matte Vidakovich ° Lawrence C. Wendorf °  George Hunt Wilber ° Eugene Wolman
*Died in Battle
**Executed in Franco prison

The marker is located at the entrance to James Madison Park on one-way westbound East Gorham Street, just west of its intersection with West Hamilton Street, Madison, Wisconsin 53703.

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