Scabbard and Blade

© Photographed April 11, 2014
Dedicated June 3, 1932
Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin
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To Commemorate the
founding in 1904 of


National Military Society

The marker is located on the UW-Madison campus on the west side of the Library Mall, between State Streeet and Langdon Street, at 816 State Street, Madison, Wisconsin 53706.

NOTE: This area is absolute chaos to get to. It's on the UW-Madison campus, i.e., students walking, students on bicycles, buses, trucks, construction, and no one is paying any attention to oncoming traffic. There is nowhere close by to park, unless you're lucky enough to find street parking. Or, come with a friend (like I did) and have them circle while you're getting your photos. It's a madhouse! Be prepared!

NOTE: Driving around and parking at the UW-Madison campus can be harrowing. Be sure to check the Google Map (above) and campus maps (below) before heading out.

UW-Madison Map and Parking

The National Society of Scabbard and Blade was founded during the school year 1904-1905 at the University of Wisconsin by five senior officers in the cadet corps. The five founders of Scabbard and Blade were Leo M. Cook, Albert W. Foster, Victor R. Griggs, Charles A. Taylor, and Harold K. Weld.

From the wisdom of these five founders came the establishment of this lasting society which is recognized both locally and nationally as an organization of high prestige and ideals.

The marker area has been under construction for at least two years.

 The marker is located on the UW-Madison campus.

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