The Memorial Day Foundation

October 24, 2013

Wisconsin Historical Markers has begun a collaboration with The Memorial Day Foundation in Brooklyn, New York. The goal of this 501(c)(3) corporation is to increase awareness and respect for Memorial Day by (1) sponsoring flower bouquets to be placed at the National War Memorials on Memorial Day Weekend and (2) to establish and maintain an online survey of EVERY veterans memorial IN THE UNITED STATES!

WHM has located and photographed more than 350 veterans memorials in Wisconsin. They are currently being added to The Memorial Day Foundation website. Once the transfer is completed, Wisconsin will have one of the most extensive listings on The Memorial Day Foundation website. Very exciting!!!

If you know of a veterans memorial in your neighborhood that WHM has missed, please forward a photo and location information to:

Please also consider a donation to this worthy project. Thank you!

Wisconsin Historical Markers: Veterans Memorials

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