Pleasant Ridge

Erected 1994 by Wisconsin Society
Daughters of the American Revolution
Lancaster, Grant County, Wisconsin
42° 49.849′ N, 90° 48.788′ W

In 1848, William Horner of Warren County, Virginia, and his former slaves, the Shepard family, hitched a team of oxen to wagons and ventured west to Wisconsin. They arrived at this point, later to be known as Pleasant Ridge.

The Shepards bought land from Mr. Horner for $1.50 an acre, making them the first recorded African-American family to live in the area. The beginnings of a community of over 100 free or escaped slaves, Pleasant Ridge at one point had a church and a school. Now the one acre-cemetery is all that remains.
The marker is located on Slabtown Road, one mile west of its intersection with Wisconsin Route 35/81, Lancaster, Wisconsin 53813.

 It was a gorgeous day the day of my visit!

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