Platte Mound M: World's Largest M

 Platteville, Grant County, Wisconsin
42° 45.79′ N, 90° 24.442′ W

World's Largest "M"
Symbol of the College of Engineering
241 Ft High 214 Ft Wide
The University of Wisconsin Platteville
Begun in 1937 by students of The Wisconsin Mining School

Seems there's a marker there -- and since I didn't know, I didn't stop, and I didn't photograph it. The marker is located on County Road B at its intersection of West Mound Road, Platteville, Wisconsin 53818.

UPDATE: July 11, 2014: Kim Chupp of Dane County has generously shared her photos of the marker and view from the top (after climbing all 266 steps!). Scroll down to see her photos, taken August 17, 2013.

Wikipedia: Platte Mound M

For 75 Years It's Been The World's Largest M

World's Largest "M" -- Platteville, Wisconsin (on YouTube)

 Some of the gorgeous fall-approaching countryside on County B,
en route to the World's Largest "M".

An amazing morning view!

Photos taken by Kim Chupp of Dane County
August 17, 2013

 The marker is at the top of the "M" . . . and there's 266 stairs to climb to get there!

 The 266 stairs on the right . . .

The view from atop the "M" . . . 

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