Marker 433: Laurence F. Graber, "Mr. Alfalfa"

© Photographed September 27, 2013
Erected 1999 by Wisconsin Historical Society
Mineral Point, Iowa County, Wisconsin
N 42° 51.491, W 090° 11.804

In 1887, Professor Laurence F. Graber was born on a nearby Mineral Point farm about three miles southwest of this location. In 1910, he began his career as an agronomy instructor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and was given the responsibility of increasing alfalfa acreage throughout the state. Graber received his doctorate from the University of Chicago and became an eminent agricultural scientist. He helped to develop superior winter hardy varieties of alfalfa seed and discovered new methods for planting and pasture renovation. Graber dedicated his life to educating students, farmer and the public about the benefits of alfalfa planting. He stated that (alfalfa is) "one of the greatest forages of the new hemisphere, and also one of its principal sources of renewable wealth." Because of Graber's efforts to promote this productive feed crop he earned the title "Mr. Alfalfa," and Wisconsin became the leading state in alfalfa acreage.
The marker is located on Fair Street, at the Iowa County Fairgrounds, between Pleasant Street and Ross Street, Mineral Point, Wisconsin 53565.

Professor Laurence F. Graber

 The marker is near the entrance to the Iown County Fair grounds.

The marker is located in Mineral Point, Wisconsin.

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