Marker 124: Mesas and Buttes

Erected 1963 by Wisconsin Historical Society
Camp Douglas, Monroe County, Wisconsin
43° 56.37′ N, 90° 19.01′ W
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This is Mill Bluff, one of many isolated and rocky castle-like hills which rise abruptly from the surrounding plain. This formation is properly called a mesa (Spanish for "table") if large and butte if small.

Mesas and buttes in this driftless area escaped glacial activity and have a capping on top hard enough to resist weathering. Erosion by wind and water eventually wears away the soft sides until the weight of the overhanging cap causes it to fall.

The mounds decrease in size until the capping is all removed. Then the mound becomes a conical hill, gradually blending with the plain. Mill Bluff received its name from a sawmill operated here in the early days of settlement.
The marker is located at Mill Bluff State Park, 15819 Funnel Road, Camp Douglas, Wisconsin 54618. This is a fee area, but it is also a very small park and the ranger was very kind and let me drive in and take my photos (easily from my vehicle) and leave, and she did not charge me a fee.

Castellated Mounds of Central Wisconsin

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