Maribel Caves Hotel: After the August 6, 2013 Tornado

Built in 1900, aka "Hotel Hell"
Reduced to rubble by August 6, 2013 tornado
North Packer Drive, between W. Main Street (147) and Schley Road 
Maribel, Manitowoc County, Wisconsin
44.289231, -87.775955
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See also, Maribel Caves Hotel (originally visited July 17, 2013), where the primary information about this historical site is located.

I came specifically to photograph the damage. When I returned home, I discovered I had taken the same photos over and over again. I think I couldn't believe what had happened to this interesting landmark, and subconsciously hoped that in the "next photo" Maribel Caves Hotel would be restored. 

I wasn't the only one there. Cars lined the street. People lingered along the fence, taking photos, lost in thought. Except for one woman who yammered on incessantly, everyone was funeral service quiet and somber. It did feel like the death of a friend.

Very sad to have lost this beauty. But even with all the damage, she remains stately! 

NEW PHOTOS ADDED December 23, 2013: See also, Maribel Caves Hotel: First winter after the August 2013 tornado.

Storm damage at the home next to the hotel.

Others lined the fence and took photos.

Damage to nearby trees . . .

Twisted trunk at entrance to Maribel Caves County Park,
which remains closed because of storm damage . . .

Just a random day (2/17/2012) looking at this link . . . 
yes, I'm superstitious!


Unknown said...

Yesterday, August 7th, 2015, I was traveling up to Green Bay for a Packer event and was forced to get off on Exit 164 because of an accident. As we headed North on Packer Drive, we encountered these 'ruins', and I knew I had to find out more about this magical looking place when I got home. I look forward to doing more research on Hotel Hell.

Wisconsin Historical Markers said...

I believe you will find the history of the property quite intriguing! Thank you for visiting and for sharing your story!

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