The View from Ferryville

© Photographed July 24, 2013
Ferryville, Crawford County, Wisconsin
43° 20.815′ N, 91° 5.771′ W
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The View From Ferryville
When the village was platted in 1859, it overlooked the Winneshiek Bottoms, a wilderness of bottomland forests, sloughs, islands, and backwater lakes. Names after Chief Winneshiek, a locak Winnebago Indian (sic) Views changed in the 1930s as the bottomlands were cleared and flooded by the construction of Lock and Dam 9 near Lynxville in 1938. Winds now sweep over Winneshiek Lake.

Ferryville has known boom and bust. The village was the center for wheat growing and trading but was nearly destroyed by a tornado in 1873. The coming of the railroad in 1885 brought new growth to the village. The train doesn't stop here anymore, but thousands of other visitors stop along the Great River Road to view area attractions and experience the thrill of waterfowl migration.
The marker is located on southbound Main Street / State Highway 35, near Hickory Street, at an observation deck that overlooks the Mississippi River, Ferryville Wisconsin 54628.

NOTE: Returned June 13, 2015; the marker has been removed.

The marker is located on Great River Road Wisconsin.  

Views of the Mississippi River from marker location.

Cool restaurant across the street . . .

The marker is located in Ferryville, Wisconsin.

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