Life Style of the Eagles

 © Photographed July 24, 2013
Ferryville, Crawford County, Wisconsin
43° 20.815′ N, 91° 5.771′ W
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Something Fishy About this Bird
Eagles eat mainly rough fish like freshwater drum and carp, which they catch with their powerful talons. They aren't fussy eaters, however, and will also feed on dead or injured fish, ducks, rabbits and racoons.
Super Flyway
Although some eagles stay here year-round, most nest in northern Minnesota, northern Wisconsin and Canada. In the spring, eagles move up the rover toward nesting areas, and in the fall, they migrate southward to open water wintering areas scattered along several hundred miles of the Mississippi River.
Big Trees, Big Nests!
Bald Eagles build nests near water in the tallest trees providing great visibility, a clear approach to the nest and easy access to food. A nest 6 feet across and 4-10 feet high can be built in 4 days. Eagles mate for life, returning to the same nest area year and year, adding new materials to the continuously growing nest.
The marker is located on southbound Main Street / State Highway 35, near Hickory Street, at an observation deck that overlooks the Mississippi River, Ferryville Wisconsin 54628.

NOTE: Returned June 13, 2015; the marker has been removed.

The marker is located on Great River Road Wisconsin.  

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Views of Mississippi River from marker location.

The marker is located in Ferryville, Wisconsin.

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