A Tribute to the Great River

© Photographed June 13, 2015 and July 24, 2013
Ferryville, Crawford County, Wisconsin
43° 20.815′ N, 91° 5.771′ W
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A Tribute to
The Great River

For countless years the Great River has brought
searchers to this shore; hunters, gathers, fishers,
mound builders, explorers, warriors, trappers,
fur traders, missionaries, and finally settlers,
some to farm, others to trade.

The people of Ferryville salute them all!

Blessed as we are with the beauty of this
broad valley and beyond,
may we and those who follow us here, in the spirit
of the unstoppable flow of water and time,
be worthy of their labors and vision,
and of the greatness of the river which we share.

The marker is located on southbound Main Street / State Highway 35, near Hickory Street, at an observation deck that overlooks the Mississippi River, Ferryville Wisconsin 54628. 

The marker is located on Great River Road Wisconsin. 

 Views of the Mississippi from marker location.

Looking north, with Great River Road to the right.

The marker is located in Ferryville, Wisconsin.

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