Major Richard Ira Bong Burial Site

© Photographed July 27, 2018
Poplar, Douglas County, Wisconsin
46.579921, -91.795067
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Medal of Honor
Maj US Army Air Corps
World War II
Sep 24 1920   Aug 6 1945
DST SVC Cross  Silver Star

Major Fifth Air Force
Sept 24, 1920   Aug. 6, 1945
America's Ace of Aces

Major Bong is buried at Poplar Cemetery on South Cemetery Road, Poplar, Wisconsin 54864.

NOTE: Check Google Map before heading out; the GPS coordinates will take you to Major Bong's burial site.

Congressional Medal of Honor Society: Bong, Richard I.

Wikipedia: Richard Bong

Major Richard I. Bong

Richard I. Bong Veterans Historical Center

See also related markers, Major Richard Ira Bong and Marker 64: Major "Dick" Bong, at nearby locations.

Richard "Ace of Aces" Bong
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 Signage leading to Major Bong's burial site.

Major Bong is buried in his hometown of Poplar, Wisconsin.

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