WRL-86: Dr. Arlow Burdette Stout, Ph.D.

Approved April 3, 1971 / Wisconsin Registered Landmarks
Erected 1970 by Albion Academy Historical Society
Edgerton, Dane County, Wisconsin
42° 52.467′ N, 89° 03.798′ W
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Born in Jackson Center, Ohio on March 10, 1876, Dr. Arlow Burdette Stout came to Albion with his parents while still a young boy. He attended and taught a rural school which adjoined this house. He studied at Albion Academy but taught at Whitewater Normal School and the University of Wisconsin where he taught botany. Dr. Stout later became Director of Laboratories at the New York Botanical Gardens affiliated with Columbia University.

Renowned author of more than 300 botanical research publications, Dr. Stout commenced his research on day lilies on a lily patch at the corner of this house. His research transformed the day lily from a minor garden plant into one of the most reliable of perennials. Many medal winners are included among his rare varieties.

Other important research included work in the development of hybrid poplars, avocados, seedless grapes, and potatoes. Dr. Stout died at Pleasantville, New York on October 22, 1957.
The marker is located on Albion Road between Bliven Road (300 yards) and Haugen Road (750 yards), at or near 482 Albion Road, Edgerton, Wisconsin. 

Wikipedia: Arlow Stout

The New York Botanical Gardens: Arlow Burdette Stout Records (1899-1956)

This marker and location are included in the Wisconsin Registered Landmarks program (1964-1973).

Since moving to Wisconsin I have fallen in love with day lillies! Here are some I photographed at Marker 263: Wisconsin's Dairy Industries in Brown County. Ironically, this is what I wrote about the day lillies at that location, nearly a year before stumbling up Dr. Stout's marker in Albion:
This marker is located at a rest stop at Exit 168 on southbound on Interstate 43, near to the entrance to the bathrooms. What’s notable about the location . . . is the flower garden. It’s as beautiful and meticulously maintained and manicured as any I’ve seen at the New York or Green Bay Botanical Gardens. I spent half an hour photographing the blooms. What follows are some of my favorite shots.

Lots of day lilies at Marker 263: Wisconsin Dairy Industry, in Brown County.

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