Brigham Park

© Photographed October 16, 2015
Erected 1976 by the Dane County Natural History Marker System
Blue Mounds, Dane County, Wisconsin
43° 1.663′ N, 89° 49.093′ W
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You are looking north from the Military Ridge toward Mazomanie, which lies in the Wisconsin River Valley. Beyond the Wisconsin River bluffs, on a clear day, the higher Baraboo Hills can be seen 35 miles away. These hills, with some of the oldest rock on the continent, are fronted by the younger river bluffs of even height. Capped by the hard Prairie du Chien dolomite rock, the bluffs are the remains of an old "peneplain", a land worn flat by many years of erosion.

The contour strip farming displayed below is a soil conservation method of great importance in hilly, erosion-prone southwestern Wisconsin. This and other methods, such as minimum tillage, are necessary to conserve the light soil which was originally blown into this "driftless" or unglaciated area by winds.

Brigham Park contains one of the rare examples of a mature sugar maple forest in Southern Wisconsin. Explore it along the park nature trail. A combination of fertile soil and ample moisture has allowed these maples to grow to maturity. The damp environment, created by frequent fogs and a north-facing slope, protected the forest from prairie fires before the arrival of settlers. Within the forest, notice how the density and heavy shade of the trees modifies temperature, moisture, light and wind, creating a distinct air-conditioned "micro-environment" in summer.
The marker is in a gorgeous location at Brigham County Park on northbound County Road F, Blue Mounds, Wisconsin 53517.

NOTE: Enter the park at the intersection of County Road F and Park Road. There is a large parking lot. You will have to walk out to the ridge to the marker's location. The marker is not accessible from County Road F.

Find a Grave Memorial: Ebenezer Brigham

See also, Marker 18: Brigham Park, also at this location.

The marker is one of a series of markers erected by the Dane County Natural History Marker System.

 An October sunset . . .

 An October sunrise view from Brigham Park.

 Access the marker from this parking lot path.

 At the entrance to Brigham County Park.

The marker is located in Blue Mounds, Wisconsin.

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