Wabeno Logging Museum

Photographed June 27, 2014
Wabeno, Forest County, Wisconsin

The Wabeno Logging Museum is located on westbound Branch Street / North Branch Street / Highway 32, between Fair Avenue / High Avenue (to the east) and Cavour Avenue (to the west), Wabeno, Wisconsin 54586.

There are many things to see in Wabeno! Use the "Town of Wabeno" link below to see all posts on this website.

The 49-star American flag existed for only one year!

Gorgeous old scale!

Log chair -- this thing weighs a lot!!!
The dangerous, difficult work of a logger.

The logging life in diarama . . .

Rusch Brothers
In 1898, the Rusch Brothers constructed one of the first sawmills in Wabeno . . .

G.W. Jones Lumber Company
G.W. Jones was a large lumber company with assets in several states . . .

Jones Lumber Company Sawmill about 1910.

Tools of the logging trade . . .

The ladies of Wabeno . . .

I love this photo!

The Wabeno Cornet Band
This shot, taken in 1910 or 1911, was in front of the bandstand . . .

Wabeno's annual "Steam-Up Days"

My first trip to the Wabeno Logging Museum was on March 29, 2013;
the museum was closed, and there was still loads of snow on the ground.

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