1901 Phoenix Log Hauler

© Photographed March 29, 2013
Wabeno, Forest County, Wisconsin
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1901 Phoenix Log Hauler
Powered by four steam engines
100 horse power
Capable of speeds of 6-8 mph
Weighs 18 tons
Can pull 25 sleghs of logs
Boiler tested at 240 lbs.
Safety valve set at 125 lbs.
Snow-ice runners have been
replaced by steel wheels

The 1901 Phoenix Log Hauler is located on the north side of Branch Street / North Branch Street / Highway 32, between Cavour Avenue and Fair View / High Avenue, Wabeno, Wisconsin 54586.

Forest County: Yours to Enjoy: Wabeno:
Wabeno has one of the few remaining steam powered logging haulers still operational in the nation. It is one of 200 such machines built in the early 1900s by Phoenix Manufacturing Company. It was owned by the Jones Lumber Company and used at their mill from 1909 until 1935. It was brought by the town in 1944 and restored to life in 1965.
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This is so cool!

Wabeno is proud of its Pheonix!

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