Elk Monument

Photographed May 27, 2015
Dedicated June 23, 1912 by Green Bay Lodge No. 259 B.P.O.E.
Allouez, Brown County, Wisconsin
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To Our Brothers
Dedicated June 23, 1912
Donted by Thos. Joannes
Green Bay
No. 259

The monument is located at the heart of Woodlawn Cemetery, 1542 South Webster Avenue, Allouez, Wisconsin 54301.

NOTE: The above coordinates will take you directly to the elk's location. He's life-sized and impossible to miss.

List of "Elk Rests" nationwide

 This is one majestic elk!

First photographed February 24, 2013

Returned March 28, 2013:

 Nearby headstone.

Returned on Halloween 2013:

Nearby headstone.

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