This Big One

 Photographed April 4, 2015
Kaukauna, Outagamie County, Wisconsin
Species . . . Douglas Fir          Circumference . . . 34' 8"
Age . . . 586 years          Diameter . . . 12" 9'
Height . . . 238 FT          Board Feet . . . 123,992
Tree was 98 FT high & 133 years old before Columbus discovered America

This Big One is located on northbound Augustine Street, across from The Charles A. Grignon Mansion, at 1313 Augustine Street, Kaukauna, Wisconsin 54130.

NOTE: On a personal note, the destruction of this magnificent tree at the age of 586 years makes me sick to my stomach . . . :(

 Looking north, with Augustine Street visible to the left.

 This Big One is directly across from The Charles A. Grignon Mansion.

This Big One is located in Kaukauna.


Mark Achtner said...

What is the significance of the big one?

Wisconsin Historical Markers said...

Great question, Mark! Wisconsin used to be a forest (if you've ever read "Little House in the Big Woods" by Laura Ingalls Wilder -- all that was once those big woods is now nothing but corn fields). About a dozen communities throughout Wisconsin have pieces of the biggest of their felled trees on display, although I can picture them all in my mind, I can't recall their locations right now. If I remember, I'll add another response.

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