Kaukauna Veterans Memorial

© Photographed September 6, 2015
Kaukauna, Outagamia County, Wisconsin
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"From the world wars of Europe
to the jungles of the Far East,
from the deserts of the Middle
East to the African continent
and even here in our own
hemisphere, our veterans have
made the world a better place
and American the great country
we are today."
-- John Hoeven

Dedicated to the memory of
all veterans who proudly
served and protected
our country

The memorial is located in a small park at the intersections of Taylor Street / Wisconsin Highway 96, Lawe Street / Wisconsin Highway 96, and Catherine Street, Kaukauna, Wisconsin 54l30. 

Some of the bricks that make up the circle around the memorial.

 The north site of the memorial podium.

First photographed December 22, 2012.

 The memorial is located in Kaukauna, Wisconsin.

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