Ship Rock

© Photographed November 12, 2012
Richfield, Adams County, Wisconsin
44.0252494, -89.6751246
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Ship Rock is located at the Ship Rock Wayside on State Highway 21. It is a 1,024 foot mountain peak near Abbotsford, Wisconsin. It ranks as the 224th highest mountain in Wisconsin, and the 57,027th highest mountain in the United States. It is one of 23 rock formations in Adams County, Wisconsin, and is not far from the most popular of the formations, Roche-A-Cri Mound in Roche-A-Cri State Park.

Did not have the opportunity to climb Ship Rock, but would love to return to this area in the spring and do some climbing!

UPDATE 10/13/2013: Ship Rock now appears on Google Maps as "Ship Rock Wayside." This post is one of the most visited on my website. Definitely a must-see in Wisconsin! 

It really does look like a ship!

 You can see the face of a man . . .
Update April 9, 2017: So many people have written to me about the graffiti that has overtaken Ship Rock that I stopped today on my way home for Vernon County to take a look. It's beyond disgusting what the low-life, trailer trash have done to this sacred site. See for yourself!

Passing by again on November 26, 2017.
It's impossible to pass without taking a few photos!

Ship Rock is located within the city limits of Richfield, Wisconsin.


Katherine Larson said...

Just stopped there Sunday, 10/4/15. Beautiful but marred by graffiti - too bad.

Melinda Roberts said...

I was by Ship Rock in August and saw all the graffiti. I nearly vomited. Just tragic :(

Unknown said...

What a beautiful landmark to stumble across, but the graffiti is truly a disappointment.

CJ said...

What a beautiful landmark to stumble across, but the graffiti is truly a disappointment.

Unknown said...

So unbelievably disappointing that people had to ruin such a wonderful natural land mark. Otherwise it's so beautiful!

Bald Lady Travels said...

I visited Ship Rock numerous times while growing up in the '70s. It was a great place to have a picnic. I recently took my grandkids to climb around the rocks and enjoy a picnic. We had a discussion about the graffiti and how it ruins the look. I hope it was a "lesson" they won't forget. Still had a wonderful day despite the graffiti!

Melinda Roberts said...

Thank you "Bald Lady Travels" for stopping by and for sharing your adventure at Ship Rock. I remember having that lesson with my parents, back in the 1960s -- and I never forgot it! Glad your visit was so enjoyable!

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