Memorial Appreciation Platform and Marker

Erected 2009
Eagle Scout Project of Mitchell Gasper
Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin
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They answered the call, they volunteered
they grew tired, they perservered.
Some travelled far, some near.
Some saw battle without showing fear.
Their sacrifice and challenges
grew greater by the day,
but these loyal men and women
wouldn't have it any other way.
We honor and applaud them,
accolades they deserve
and we stand here humbly reminded
of the freedom they preserved.

Eagle Scout Project of Mitchell Gasper

The memorial is located inside Wood National Cemetery on northbound Juneau Avenue, just south of its intersection with Walker Road, Milwaukee Wisconsin 53214.

Click here to view all historical markers / sites at Wood National Cemetery, Milwaukee.

 The marker and platform are next to the 1900 Cemetery Reception House,

Views of the cemetery and some of its 30,000 interred
from the Memorial Appreciation Platform:

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