Marker 499: Revolutionary War Veteran (James Morgan)

© Photographed October 23, 2012
Erected 2005 by Wisconsin Society Sons of the  American Revolution
from a generous contribution from William Roddis,
and contributions from members of the Morgan-Kosciuszko Chapter
Wisconsin Historical Society
Dedication Ceremony October 15, 2006
Wauwatosa, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin
43° 3.786′ N, 88° 0.524′ W

Patriot James Morgan was born April 5, 1748, in Frederick County, Virginia. At the age of 30, Morgan enlisted in the Revolution for a three-month tour in Colonel John Evan’s Virginia Regiment. He served with General McIntosh’s campaign in the Ohio country. Morgan re-enlisted in 1779, for a three-month term with a Pennsylvania Regiment. His third enlistment was again with Colonel Evans, as a scout and spy against Loyalist Indians. James Morgan was discharged in August 15, 1780.
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James Morgan resided in Morgantown, Virginia until 1820, when he moved to Vermillion County, Illinois. He subsequently moved to Wauwatosa in the late 1830’s. There he died at the age of 92 on March 3, 1840, and is buried in this cemetery.

Two other descendants of the American Revolution – Lyman Wheeler and Annis Avery Hill are also buried in this cemetery. Wheeler’s grandfather was a eighth-generation American who answered the call to arms in Lexington on April 19, 1775. Annis Hill’s father , Jonathon Avery, was a Minute Man and Orderly Sergeant in the Revolution.
NOTE: This is a two-sided marker (see side two below)

The marker is located at Wauwatosa Cemetery on southbound North Wauwatosa Avenue / U.S. Route 181, south of its intersection with West Wright Street, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin 53213.

Side two of the marker.

The marker is located at Wauwatosa Cemetery.

The marker is located in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.

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