Little White Schoolhouse

© Photographed September 14, 2012 and October 2, 2015
 Ripon, Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin
43° 50.634′ N, 88° 50.208′ W

has been designated a
This site possesses National significance
in commemorating the history of the
United States of America

National Park Service
United States Department of the Interior

The Little White Schoolhouse is located on northbound Blackburn Street / State Highway 49, between Seward Street (to the south) and East Blossom Street (to the north), at 305 Blackburn Street, Ripon, Wisconsin 54971. 

National Historic Landmarks Program

National Historic Landmarks Program: Little White Schoolhouse
Statement of Significance (as of designation - May 30, 1974):
A meeting in this simple, one story clapboard and frame schoolhouse on March 20, 1854, and another in Jackson, Michigan, on July 6, to protest passage of the Kansas-Nebraska Act, which permitted the extension of slavery beyond the limits of the Missouri Compromise, drew dissatisfied Whigs, Free Soilers, and Democrats. These meetings were the first of those that led to the formation of the Republican Party.
Wisconsin Historical Society: Wisconsin and the Republican Party

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These markers are also at this location:

The plaque is to the right of the entrance.

Inside the schoolhouse.

View from across the roadway.

 The marker is located in Ripon, Wisconsin.

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