Bailey's Harbor | Half Way to the North Pole

© Photographed June 1, 2018
Erected 2000 by Door County Historical Society
Bailey's Harbor, Door County, Wisconsin

The 45th parallel (45 Degrees North Latitude) runs through this wayside. This is the midpoint between the equator and North Pole. But because the Earth is slightly flattened at the poles, the distance from the 45th parallel to the North Pole is approximately 3117 miles and to the equator approximately 3105 miles.

Polaris (North Star) is directly above the North Pole. Therefore the angle between this point and Polaris is 45 degrees.
Door County Historical Society – 2000
The marker is at a highway turnout on southbound Wisconsin Highway 57, about a mile north of its intersection with Logerquist Road, at 6799 State Highway 57, Baileys Harbor, Wisconsin 54202.

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The marker's kinda tucked away, but still easy to spot.

 The marker is located in Door County.

The marker is located in Bailey's Harbor, Wisconsin.

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