Marker 541: Cotton House -- Baird Law Office

Erected 1954 by Wisconsin Historical Society
Allouez, Brown County, Wisconsin
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The large white hose on the ridge is "Cotton House," built about 1840 by John P. Arndt as a home for his daughter and her retired Army officer husband, Capt. and Mrs. John Winslow Cotton. Considered one of the finest examples of Jeffersonian architecture in the Middle West, it was moved to its present location, restored and furnished by the Brown County Historical Society in the 1930's.

Adjacent to "Cotton House" is a small structure built as a law office for Henry S. Baird ("Father of the Wisconsin Bar") in the early 1930's. Remodeled as a residence, it was acquired by the Historical Society, restored and later moved to this spot in 1960.

Maintained by the Brown County Historical Society with financial assistance from the County Board of Supervisors. Open to the public, May through October.
This marker is located inside the concessions building at Heritage Hill State Historic Park, 2640 South Webster Avenue, Green Bay, Wisconsin 54301. There is a fee to enter the park.

NOTE: Use the "Heritage Hill State Historic Park" label below to locate all markers at this location.

NOTE: This is an official marker that is not listed on the Wisconsin Historical Society list of historical markers. The Wisconsin Historical Society has been notified of the "discovery" of this marker; a number has yet to be assigned.

UPDATE: This marker was added to the WHS official list as of February 7, 2013.

 The marker is located inside the concessions building.

 The Cotton House, also located at Heritage Hill State Park.

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