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1. The Wisconsin Historical Markers project is my hobby. It is a repository for photographs and information regarding Wisconsin's historical markers and sites, museums, veterans memorials, whimsical roadside attractions, Smokey the Bear signs, vintage hamburger joints, and anything else that I deem to be interesting.

2. I have personally visited and photographed every location (nearly 7,000) documented on my website. I have invested all my own funds (about $30,000 to date) in the project. I have not been paid any money for my project.

3.  I am not affiliated with the Wisconsin Historical Society or any local historical society.

4.  Everything I know about the each post is listed on the post. If is it not listed on the post I do not have any further information. If you want further information on the post, you will need to do your own research. I suggest starting first with the local / county historical society by using Google to locate them.

5. I do not have any further knowledge about the veterans memorials (who, what, when, where, if, how, etc.) on my website, other than what is linked on the post. If you want more information about a veterans memorial or adding a name to the veterans memorial or adding a brick to the veterans memorial, you will need to contact the entity that erected the memorial or the town / city / village where the memorial has been erected.

6. I do not provide research services for free. If you wish me to do further research regarding any post on my site, I charge $50 per hour for research, with a one hour minimum, paid in advance. That said, if you can't find it on a Google search, I probably won't be able to either, which means that, unless you want to hire me, it's up to you to conduct the more extensive research that is needed.

7. If you do have a question please include the post link in your e-mail.

Thank you for your understanding.



Lois Keller said...

Hi, I was researching historical markers and stumbled upon your great site! First of all I hope you are feeling fine, and I love your blog. Also, did you know the Kohler art center is doing an exhibition on waysides? Here is a link to it. http://www.jmkac.org/index.php/callsforentry2/waysides

Mary J said...

This site is a true gem for the State of Wisconsin!

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