Marker 568: Couillardville Occupations

 © Photographed Octobre 15, 2018
Erected 2017 by Wisconsin Historical Society
Couillardville Park, Oconto, Oconto County, Wisconsin
44.862535, -87.984635

The Couillardville area covers approximately one and one half [sic] miles along the Lower Oconto River Valley. The area is filled with archeological sites extending from the Paleo-Indian through the Historic Indian occupations. South of this site [sic] on the north side of the river [sic] were three conical burial mounds ultimately destroyed by agricultural plowing. Indian village sites pre-dating European contact have been found along the river.
In 1851 Jacob Couillard and his wife Susan traveled up the Oconto River and established a store and a community ultimately named after them. The settlement grew to include a school attended by children of settlers and Indians, a church, a store, and a cheese factory. The park is the site of the parsonage associated with the Presbyterian Church.
The marker is located at Couillardville Park, located on the southwest corner of the T-intersection of County Highway J and Stiles Road, across the road from 5288 County Road J, Oconto, Wisconsin 54153.

Machine Shed Memories, by Leon Janssen & Gene Medford (a book about the Couillard Settlement, which flourished through the first half of the 20th century).

Couillardville Video Stories (loads of fabulous resources!)

Some of the pavers in the arrow:

 Looking north from the marker location.

 Looking west along the nearby Oconto River.

Heading northbound on County Highway J
to the marker location (just ahead) --
at the bridge crossing the Oconto River.

 Nearby barn . . .

 Area barn . . .

The marker (visible to the left) is located at Couillardville Park.

The marker is located in Oconto, Wisconsin.

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