Roddis Line: Nelson Camp 8 (1923-1930s)

 © Photographed June 8, 2018
Agenda, Ashland County, Wisconsin
N 46° 04.259 W 90°17.062
46.070983, -90.284367
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The Roddis company established several headquarter camps throughout Iron County. The first main line ran north from Whiteside Crossing. Headquarter Camps 1, 5, and 7 were located on this line.
The second main rail line was established in 1923, running east from the first. Camp 8 was established on this line. A third main line was laid north and east of Camp 5 in 1927. Camp 10 was headquarters camp for that line.
Camp 8 had a dual role: supplying timber to the Park Falls mill and providing fill to the dam site two miles to the east. 
Camp 8 was a long term camp and the artifacts found there are numerous. Over 1000 food cans are still present, as well as several tin plates, bowls, cups and utensils. Baking pans, a cauldron, ladle, broken crockery, bottles, boots and some building materials are also there.
Foundations and pits from structures can be seen. This archaeological site contains much important information about the Roddis company operations.
This site is located on private property.
Please show respect by not entering the area.
The marker is located on northbound County Highway FF, about mid-way between County Highway F (to the south) and Turtle Flambeau Dam Road (to the north), Agenda, Wisconsin 54514.

This marker is included in the Iron County Heritage Area series of markers. Click here for more information and to view all markers in the series.

Cody Jammer in Camp 8

The marker is located in the Iron County Heritage Area.

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