La Pointe Indian Cemetery

© Photographed June 8, 2018
Erected 1961 by La Pointe Indian Cemetery Restoration Fund
La Pointe, Madeline Island, Ashland County
46.772148, -90.781751

Established about 1836 as part of a Roman Catholic mission under the guidance of the dynamic Austrian priest, Frederick Baraga, later made a bishop.
The white man's style of house was adopted as a grave cover by the Christianized Ojibway (Chippewa) in his custom of protecting both the dead and the food left with the dead. The food gave sustenance for the 4-day journey to the Hereafter as well as something for the spirit to leave for friends, relatives and the poor. A defaced stone marks the grave of Great Buffalo, principal chief of the Ojibway on Lake Superior. Chief Little Buffalo, his Protestant son, is buried across the road and south in a grave marked with 4 pines.
A Frenchman, Cadeau, journeyed to Lake Superior in 1671, eventually marrying an Ojibway. His grandson, Michel Cadotte, opened a fur-trading post on this island in 1793 for the North West Company, a post later acquired by John Jacob Astor's American Fur Company, Michel continuing until 1823 tas manager. Here NMichel Cadotte is buried, and, by his side, his grand child, Julia Mary Warren of the noted family of fur traders and scholars.
The marker is located on the northernmost tip of Chief Buffalo Lane, northwest of its intersection with Old Fort Road, adjacent to the Madeline Island Yacht Club Marina, La Pointe, Wisconsin 54814.

NOTE: It is tricky to describe the marker's location. Be sure to check the Google Map link before heading out.

NOTE: Madeline Island is accessible only by ferry (or by private boat or airplane), at the Madeline Island Ferry Line in Bayfield.

 See also, Site of First Catholic Church, also at this location.

The site remains sacred to the Ojibway (above and below).

 See also, Site of First Catholic Church, also at this location.

Sign leading to Indian Cemetery.

The marker and cemetery are located at La Pointe, Wisconsin.

La Pointe is a Little Wisconsin Community.

Little Wisconsin will be available May 7, 2019.

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