Stoughton Area Veterans Memorial Park: Vietnam War 1955-1975: Battle at Khe Sanh

© Photographed May 5, 2018
Dedicated October 2017
Sponsored by Otis Simpson American Legion Post 59
Stoughton, Dane County, Wisconsin
42°56'23.4"N 89°14'45.9"W
42.939842, -89.246084
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Anticipating an attack on Khe Sanh, U.S. General William Westmoreland reinforced the Marine garrison there, bringing the total number of troops to approximately 6,000. Ammunition was stockpiled, and the airstrip was refurbished.

The attack came on January 21, 1968. The North Vietnamese Army began a massive artillery bombardment of Khe Sanh, hitting the main store of ammunition on the base and destroying 90 percent of its artillery and mortar rounds. The battle raged for 77 days. To secure the base, U.S. and South Vietnamese forces launched operation Niagara, a major artillery bombardment of suspected locations of enemy artillery in the hills surrounding Khe Sanh.

The successful defense of Khe Sanh prevented the North Vietnamese from gaining control over the northwest corner of South Vietnam.

U.S. casualties were 497 killed. North Vietnamese casualties were estimated around 10,000.
The memorial is located at Stoughton Area Veterans Memorial Park, accessible from westbound County Highway B, at its intersection with Country Club Road, Stoughton, Wisconsin 53589.

 The memorial is located at Stoughton Area Veterans Memorial Park.

The memorial is located in Stoughton, Wisconsin.

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