Edward George Ryan: Chief Justice Supreme Court of Wisconsin

 © Photographed May 27, 2018
Erected 1911 by Wisconsin Bar Association
Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin
42.997583, -87.945033
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[East Side]
In other places in life,
the light of intelligence, purity of truth,
love of right, firmness of integrity,
singleness of purpose, candor of judgment,
are relatively essential to high beauty of character.
On the bench they are the absolute condition of duty.
The judge who palters with justice,
who is swayed by fear, favor affection or the hope of reward,
by personal influence or public opinion,
prostitutes the attributes of God
and sells the favor of his Maker.
But the light of God's eternal truth and justice
shines on the head of the just judge,
and makes it visibly glorious.
— Ryan, 1873

[South Side]
Edward George Ryan
Chief Justice Supreme Court of Wisconsin
1874 - 1880

[West Side]
To the memory of
Edward George Ryan,
who, as Chief Justice of Wisconsin,
wrought with master hand in upbuilding
its system of jurisprudence and
added dignity to government by law.
This memorial structure is
dedicated by the state bar association
on behalf of its members and others
at home and abroad, A.D. 1911.

The monument is located in Section 31, Block 7, Lots 1 and 2 of Forest Home Cemetery, located at 2405 West Forest Home Avenue, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53215.

A special train will be furnished at 8 o'clock a.m., Friday to convey the body to Milwaukee, which will be escorted by State officers and Justices of the Supreme Court, the Bar Association of Madison, and other prominent citizens, reaching that city about 11 o'clock, where the funeral will be taken in charge by the Bar Association of Milwaukee. The body will like in state at the Plankinton House for two hours. The funeral services will take place about 2 P.M., at St. James' church, and the remains interred in Forest Home cemetery.

The monument to Judge Ryan is listed on the Forest Home Cemetery Self-Guided Historical Tour

 East side of monument..

 South side of monument.

West side of monument.

 North side of monument.

Judge Ryan's headstone,
across from the south side of the monument.

 South (right) and east (left) sides of monument.

West (right) and south (left) sides of monument.

The monument is located at Forest Home Cemetery
in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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