The Kickapoo Kids

© Photographed April 28, 2018
Gays Mills, Crawford County, Wisconsin
43°19'09.1"N 90°51'01.7"W
43.319182, -90.850482

The Kickapoo Kids
In the fall if 1949, an amazing group of highly-skilled baseball youth from the surrounding area entered Gays Mills High School. From 1950 through 1953, playing before there were divisions in high school sports, this unique group of kids compiled a record of 47 and 4, defeating schools with 20 times their enrollment along the way. Known as the "Kickapoo Kids," they advanced to the WIAA State Tournament 3 out of 4 years they were in school, something that had never been done before, and because of divisions, a record that can never be equaled. After graduation, five of the players were offered pro contracts. Their achievements are recorded in local author Paul Lagan's novel, "The Amazing Journey of the Kickapoo Kids," which has been accepted into the library of the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY. But it all started on the baseball diamond of Gays Mills High School, which was located just north of the Crawford County Fairgrounds, and with an amazing group of "Kickapoo Kids" who were unaware at the moment that they were playing a part of baseball history that can never be equaled.
The marker is located at Robb Park and is accessible from eastbound Main Street / Wisconsin Highway 171, at its intersection with Robb Park Road, Gays Mills, Wisconsin 54631.

News 8000: Wisconsin Sports: The story of the 'Kickapoo Kids'

With the Kickapoo River in the distance (to the left).

The marker is located at Robb Park (to the left of this sign).

The marker is located in Gays Mills, Wisconsin.

Gays Mills is a Little Wisconsin Community.

Little Wisconsin will be available May 7, 2019.

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