Stump Dodger Trail

© Photographed April 28, 2018
Gays Mills, Crawford County, Wisconsin
43.319105, -90.850408

Welcome to The Gays Mills Stump Dodger Trail
This non-motorized trail takes its name from the Stump Dodger, the nickname of the Kickapoo Valley and Northern Railroad which served communities from 1892-1939 along a 52 mile right-of-way from Wauzeka north to Ontario. The trail currently comprises two legs. The South leg is located primarily in the "historic district" of Gays Mills, with one part paved and the other, a grassy stretch on the rail bed itself, weaving through world class wetlands. The North leg begins in the business park, located north of the village off hwy [sic] 131. This segment follows the Kickapoo River through a flood plain of lush vegetation and shares the land with an occasional grazing group of cattle.
Trail Etiquette
  • Leave only footprints -- Take only memories
  • Carry out all litter, including pet waste
  • Pets must be kept on leashes and under control
  • Respect property and the privacy of people living along the trail
  • When cycling, go slow and give an audible signal
  • No motorized vehicles except for handicapped support vehicles

The marker is located at Robb Park, on the east bank of the Kickapoo River, and is accessible from westbound Main Street / Wisconsin Highway 177, at its intersection with the Kickapoo River, at or near 500 Main Street, Gays Mills, Wisconsin 54631.

With the Kickapoo River in the background.

The marker is located at Robb Park.

This marker was submerged by the devastating
August 2018 flood and may no longer be standing.

The marker is located in Gays Mills, Wisconsin.

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