Vietnam Veterans Commemorative Trail: 1973

© Photographed June 4, 2017
Sponsored by the Novitzke Family
Park Falls, Price County, Wisconsin
45.941276, -90.439337
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Jan. 23
President Nixon
announces peace

Jan. 27
Peace Accord signed

Feb. 12
"Operation Homecoming"
flew P.O.W.'s home
from Feb. through Apr.

Nov 7.
War Powers Act signed
limiting President from
involving troops without
congressional approval

Dec. 31
200 troops

Sponsored by the Novitzke Family
Remembering a Gold Star Family Bud & Mae Hanson
1st Lt. W. Hanson K.I.A. '68

The memorial is located at Hines Park and is accessible from southbound Atwood Avenue, south of the entrance to Hines Park and south of its intersection with Saunders Avenue, Park Falls, Wisconsin 54452. 

NOTE: As you enter the park, follow Atwood Avenue towards the picnic shelter and the tall American flag. This memorial is very easy to find.

Click here to view all markers included in the Price County Vietnam Veterans Commemorative Trail.

With the Flambeau River visible in the background. 

Looking north along Atwood Avenue.

The memorial is located at Hines Memorial Park.

One of the Wisconsin nightmares! Summer road construction
with no warning and no information regarding detours.
This "detour" is to a footpath . . . I spent one hour trying to figure
out how to get to Hines Park. The answer was another road
10 minutes to the south. What a mess!!

Like a visitor to the area has any concept of what this means!

The memorial is located at Park Falls, Wisconsin.

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