Ontario Welcome Center History Walk: Got a life jacket?

© Photographed April 8, 2017
Erected 2015 by Forward Ontario
Ontario, Vernon County, Wisconsin
43.722751, -90.590023
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Got a life jacket?
It may seem astounding, but at various times in Ontario's history, water would be over your heat at the spot where you are now standing. Loss of vegetation from over-logging and agricultural practices on steep hillsides contribute to severe floods from the waters of the Kickapoo River and Brush Creek, its major tributary. The volume of water in early floods was so intense that it rose to the second floor of the Vernon Hotel (far left in photo), and guests were evacuated by boat. The worst floods were in 1908 and 1935, and major flooding occurred in 1978 and 2008. Until the 1970s, homes and businesses were on this site, but nearly all now have been removed. The pole marks the appropriate water level at this location during some of the 20th century floods.
The marker is located along the Ontario Welcome Center History Walk at Palen Memorial Park and is accessible on the northeast corner of the intersection of State Street and Pleasant Street, Ontario, Wisconsin 54651.

Vernon Broadcaster (June 3, 2015): Ontario to celebrate opening of Palen Park on June 13

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This tree marks the levels of the four floods that have
affected Ontario between 1907 and 2008.

These are the plaques, moving from bottom to top (on the pole)
and left to right (on this post).

This flood must have submerged Ontario!
This is the highest marker on the pole . . .

The beautiful eagle at the top of the pole . . .

The marker is located at the Ontario Welcome Center History Walk.

Looking west into town . . .

View coming into town from eastbound Wisconsin Highway 33.

The marker is located in Ontario, Wisconsin.

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