Persian Gulf Tribute

© Photographed November 5, 2016
Dedicated July 31, 2006
Neillsville, Clark County, Wisconsin
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Mission Statement
"May this tribute honor all branches of America's Military who served through multiple conflicts in the Middle East while marching forward in the Global War on Terrorism and be a place of hope so that we do not walk past you but with you. Let this site be an anchor for education and solace while securing in memory sacrifices made. White hope and prayer, the Persian Gulf Tribute will provide a safe haven for all to reflect and to heal."
08/01/90 100,000 Iraqi troops invade Kuwait
08/07/90 Operation Desert Shield Begins
11/29/90 UN sets deadline for Iraq to withdraw
01/16/91 Operation Desert Storm begins
01/17/91 Coalition air forces launch Desert Storm
02/24/91 Coalition ground forces invade Iraq and Kuwait
02/28/90 Iraq agrees to cease fire
04/11/91 Iraq accepts all UN terms of the cease fire resolution
08/05/98 Iraq suspends all cooperation with UN
Liberation of Afghanistan 09/11-10/20/01
10/07/01 The war in Afghanistan begins against Taliban and Al-Qaeda fighters
Consolidation I 12/01/01-09/30/06
Consolidation II 10/01/06-11/30/09
Consolidation III 12/01/09
05/02/11 Al-Qaeda leader, Osama bin Laden is killed in a raid by US Special Operations Forces on his residence in Abbottabad, Pakistan
02/12/13 President Obama orders US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan by February 2014
Liberation of Iraq 03/19-05/01/03
03/02/03 The war in Iraq begins
Transition of Iraq 05/02/03-06/28/04
12/16/03 Saddam Hussein is captured by US Forces
Iraq Governance 06/29/04-12/15/05
12/15/05 The first national election under the new constitition
National Resolution 12/16/05-01/09/07
12/30/06 Execution of Saddam Hussein
Iraqi Surge 01/10/07-12/31/08
Iraqi Sovereignty 01/10/07-12/31/08
08/10/10 US combat operations in Iraq end
Operation New Dawn 09/01/10 marks the official end of Operation Iraqi Freedom
The Persian Gulf Tribute is located at The Highground, at 7301 Ridge Road, Neillsville, Wisconsin 54456.

The Highground

The Highground: Persian Gulf Tribute

The Bootprint: A Persian Gulf Tribute (PDF of the memorial and significance of each section)

The Highground: Persian Gulf Tribute

 The memorial is located at The Highground Veterans Memorial Park.

The Highground is located in Neillsville, Wisconsin.

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