The Brule River

© Photographed September 12, 2016
Erected by Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Lake Nebagamon, Douglas County, Wisconsin
46.434536, -91.674575
46°26'04.3"N 91°40'28.5"W
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     The Brule River has served as a passageway between Lake Superior and the St. Croix and Mississippi Rivers for many centuries. The Indians traveled this route long before the first white men. DuLhut, passed through in June of 1680.
     A few of the better known explorers, voyageurs, traders and missionaries who passed this way were John Carver (1767); [sic] Jean Baptista Cadotta (1780); [sic] Henry Schoolcraft (1832); [sic] and Pierre LaSueur (1863). The upstream journey was difficult as the canoes were poled against the current and the rapids were portaged.
     The river was also used to float logs downstream to a sawmill during the 1890's.
     In 1907 the Brule River State Forest was established along the entire length of this river to protect this priceless wilderness heritage.
The marker is located adjacent to a parking lot / boat landing on the north shore of the Brule River, and is accessible from northbound County Road S, between Hazel Prairie Road (to the north) and South Sandman Road (to the south), about a mile north of the Highland Town Hall Office located at or near

 A very pretty location!

 Looking east . . .

 Looking west toward County Highway S (the bridge).

This lovely video begins at the landing at the marker location.

The marker is located inside the Brule River State Forest.

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