Lake Superior

© Photographed September 11, 2016
Erected 1957 by Superior Rotary Club
Superior (South Range), Douglas County, Wisconsin
46° 41.495′ N, 91° 59.137′ W
"By the shores of Gitche Gumee,
By the shining Big-Sea-Water,"
Lake Superior - the largest body of fresh water in the world - almost chemically pure - mean temperature 39 degrees - depth to 1302 feet - length 383 miles - covers 31,820 square miles - elevation 601 feet above sea level.

Starting in 1666 and for nearly 200 years, explorers, fur traders, miners and missionaries journeyed along this south shore in bark canoes. The original natural entry to Superior Bay, one mile north-westward, was wide, shallow, and dangerous in windy weather.

Turn around and plaque by Superior Rotary Club 1957
The marker is located on northbound Wisconsin Point Road, about 1.5 miles north of its intersection with Moccasin Mike Road, Superior, Wisconsin 54874.

Lake Superior Facts

Wikipedia: Lake Superior

These are also located along Wisconsin Point Road:

 Looking northeast across Lake Michigan.

 Looking north at the State of Minnesota.

 The marker (visible to the right with the marker readers)
is located at a parking lot adjacent to Wisconsin Point Road.

'Twas the witch of November come stealing . . .

 Signage at the intersection of Wisconsin Point Road
and Moccasin Mike Road.

 Follow the signage on northbound U.S. Route 53 . . .

 The marker is located in Superior, Wisconsin.

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