Davidson Windmill

© Photographed September 11, 2016
Erected 2001 by Old-Brule Heritage Society
South Range, Douglas County, Wisconsin
46° 38.977′ N, 91° 54.318′ W

Davidson Windmill
Built by Finnish immigrant and homesteader, Jacob (Tapola) Davidson, it served Old-Brule and Lakeside in the South Shore region from 1904 to 1926. Constructed of native materials, it was used for milling locally grown grains for both animal and human consumption.
The marker and windmill are located on eastbound Old Highway 13, at its intersection with Wisconsin Route 13, South Range, Wisconsin 54874.

Lots of information here about the history of the area -- be sure to check it out!

The Davidson Windmill is listed on the National Register of Historic Places: Wisconsin (added 1979 - - #79000075).

 The east side of the windmill.

 The Davidson Windmill is maintained and operated
[Note: these are 2016 dates]

 The windmill is at the intersection of River Road W
and County Highway 13 (visible to the right).

 Follow the signage to the marker location.

 The windmill and marker are located in South Range, Wisconsin.

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