Unsinger's Famous Sausage

© Photographed August 14, 2016
Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin
43.043689, -87.914335

founded in 1880 by Fred Usinger
Original building housed
an 1850's butcher shop. 

The small plaque is mounted to the facade at the entrance to Unsinger's and is accessible from northbound North Old World Street, north of its intersection with West State Street, at or near

Wisconsin Historical Society Architecture and History Inventory
1030 North 3rd Street, Milwaukee County, Milwaukee
Historic Name: Usinger's
Other Name: Usinger's Sausage Factory
Reference Number: 41782

Year Built: 1888
Architectural Style: NeoclassicalWall Material: Brick
Architect: Jacob Hausmann & Bro.

National/State Register Listing Name: Old World Third Street Historic District
National Register Listing Date: 1987-03-19
State Register Listing Date: 1989-01-01

Additional Information:
Good example of typical brick commercial building/warehouse. Possesses integrity of form and appearance. The store is equipped with marble counters and has a tile floor and wood panelled and beamed ceiling murals of elves making sausage. The murals are signed by George Peter, Milwaukee. A non-contributing one-story addition listed as 1016 North 3rd Street is also in the photo on the Inventory card. Fred Usinger established his sausage business in 1880 at this location. Schowalter & Woelzle was the resident in 1888.
The foregoing content used with permission of Wisconsin Historical Society.

The small plaque is to the left of the entrance.

Very limited parking at this location, which is staffed by a security
guard during busy parts of the day.

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