Trinity-Freistadt Historical Site: 3 Cemetery Outhouse

© Photographed July 16, 2016
Erected by Trinity Historical Society
Mequon, Ozaukee County, Wisconsin
43.233936, -88.046221 
43° 14.031′ N, 88° 2.799′ W
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History of the Cemetery Outhouse
The Cemetery Outhouse is a typical building from the turn-of-the-century (i.e. 1900). Because of the more or less "public" use of this building it was partitioned into two sections. One entrance was for the women and the other was for the men.

It was moved from Trinity's cemetery to its present location in the late 1960's.
Why would you need an outhouse in a cemetery?
In Freistadt, as in other church-centered communities, Sunday was set aside for the Lord. Not only was it a day of rest, but especially during warm weather, it was a time to look after the graves of relatives.

In the horse-and-buggy days, families would bring a lunch and have their noon meal on the cemetery grounds before hitching up the horses for the drive home.

Because the cemetery was a wide open, fairly level area, it became the site of church picnics and mission festivals where parishioners could socialize with friends, relatives and neighbors.

With that much time being spent on the cemetery grounds, a clean outhouse was an essential convenience in the days before indoor plumbing.
The marker is located at Trinity-Freistadt Historical Site, and is accessible from southbound North Church Place, south of its intersection with West Freistadt Road, at or near 11705 North Church Place, Mequon, Wisconsin 53097.

Unfortunately, the Facebook Page does not post hours that the location is open.

See also, Marker 85: The Oldest Lutheran Church in Wisconsin, a short distance from the Trinity Freistadt Historical Site.

 The marker is affixed to the facade, to the left of the entrance.

Freistadt (literally "Freetown") is today located in the
postal area of Mequon, Wisconsin.

 Cemetery Outhouse is located at Trinity-Freistadt Historical Site
in Mequon, Wisconsin.

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