Trinity-Freistadt Historical Site: 12 Teacherage Summer Kitchen

© Photographed July 16, 2016
Erected by Trinity Historical Society
Mequon, Ozaukee County, Wisconsin
43.233936, -88.046221 
43° 14.031′ N, 88° 2.799′ W
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History of the Teacherage Summer Kitchen
The construction date of the summer kitchen is unknown, and is difficult to estimate. This summer kitchen was originally the entrance to the Buffalo Synod church that stood in the area.

There are two doors, one for the women and one for the men. This led into a cloak room for changing coats and other outer garments before entering the church. During Sunday services women sat on one side of the church and men sat on the other.

After the Buffalo Synod church was torn down, the entrance was moved to the teacherage (see #11 on the walking tour) and converted into a summer kitchen.
What was a Summer Kitchen used for?
A Summer Kitchen was used during the summer months instead of the kitchen in the house. Summer was the time to can and preserve the fruit from the orchards and vegetables from the garden. In addition, there was still the weekly baking of bread and daily cooking of meals. The process of preserving and canning use heat to cook the produce and to seal it in jars. Keeping the heat of cooking outside the house enabled the main house to remain cooler in summer.

The summer kitchen was moved to Trinity's historical grounds in the late 1970's.

Thanks to Andrew Gonstead, Troop 80, Menomonee Falls, for painting this building as part of his Eagle project.
The marker is located at Trinity-Freistadt Historical Site, and is accessible from southbound North Church Place, south of its intersection with West Freistadt Road, at or near 11705 North Church Place, Mequon, Wisconsin 53097.

Unfortunately, the Facebook Page does not post hours that the location is open.

See also, Marker 85: The Oldest Lutheran Church in Wisconsin, a short distance from the Trinity Freistadt Historical Site.

 The marker is affixed to the facade, to the right of the entrance.

Freistadt (literally "Freetown") is today located in the
postal area of Mequon, Wisconsin.

 Teacherage Summer Kitchen is located at
Trinity-Freistadt Historical Site in Mequon, Wisconsin.

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